MIND & MVMT is a local yoga and meditation business in Michigan that is run by a woman who has a long history with fitness, yoga, and meditation. She was looking for a new brand that evoked both energetic and calming qualities, which are seen through the imagery and colors.




Schöne Willow is a small business based in Michigan that sells crystals and handmade jewelry. The word Schöne means beautiful in German and Willow is the name of someone important to the business owner. She wanted a clean logo that incorporated a willow tree; the organic nature of the tree is paired with a geometric sans serif to provide contrast and allow the tree to stand out.




BookIt is the name of the conference room reservation program that is
used within Quicken Loans and the Rock FOC. The logo uses the Quicken Loans red to create familiarity. The icon is made to look like an open book
while incorporating the letters "B" and "I" while also resembling a backwards checkmark.




Partner Relationship Management is an internal team at Quicken Loans that communicates with outside partners. The head of PRM wanted a logo that was professional and had an icon which could be used for merchandise. 




The Warriors is an internal team within Quicken Loans and Rock FOC made up of bankers. As part of an initiative to redesign the logo of each banking team, the Warriors wanted a graffiti-esque logo that was bold and stood out amongst their competing team logos. This typeface is a hand-drawn wordmark created specifically for The Warriors. 



Webster community Center

As part of my Community Design class at Oakland University, we were tasked with creating a new brand identity for the new Micah 6 initiative: Webster Community Center. We were divided into groups where I served as my group’s art director. The brand identity that we proposed incorporated a bright green to represent energy and a dark gray to balance the green with a more professional color. The logo’s imagery uses the Webster Elementary’s iconic archways so that the new brand is still familiar to the surrounding community.

Logo Concept Design

Logo Concept Design

Social Photo Media Banner Concept

Social Photo Media Banner Concept

Business Card Concept Design

Business Card Concept Design

Letterhead Concept Design

Letterhead Concept Design