Elite News illustration

The banking teams within the Rock FOC publish a monthly magazine titled "The Elite News." This illustration was created for their February '18 edition which featured quotes from prominent bankers paired with illustrations created by various team members throughout the company. This specific illustration represents a banker's struggle to leave behind the negative so that they can reach success through positivity.


AMY POND Art nouveau

As part of an Art History paper about how modern fan-art is heavily influenced by classic art styles, I illustrated a famous Doctor Who character, Amy Pond, in the Art Nouveau style. Heavily influenced by Mucha’s work, you can see similarities in the flowing hair and the tile designs in the background.

Detroit is love

Originally intended as a design for coffee cups within the Rock FOC concierge rooms, this illustration showcases a few of Detroit's more well-known landmarks. The brush tool was used to create a hand-drawn aesthetic to represent the numerous hand-crafted murals and personal culture that is pervasive in Detroit.



One of my side jobs is to create tattoo designs for clients to take to their artists. This design is a rough draft of my own personal tattoo which combines Monet's water lilies with Van Gogh's Starry Night. Both the  paintings and impressionist style are extremely important to me.


Technology Wall Illustration

The Technology team requested a design to place on blank white walls facing the interior windows that can be seen from the elevator. They wanted something that was visually interesting to look at, so I took the technology theme and applied it to outer space for a a colorful and unique design.