PHoenix’s Eats

One of the services that my previous team, Focus, provided was information and resources for team members on local restaurants they can visit. Quicken Loans’ Arizona location moved from Scottsdale to Phoenix, and they needed a document that showed where they could go grab some food. Divided by categories, I arranged the various sections and created icons to show which venues deliver, are within walking distance, and have online ordering.


Tungsten medical Network Flyer

Tungsten Medical Network was in need of a couple of flyer designs that detailed their product levels to hand out at future booth events. Taking inspiration from their established logo, I created flyers that helped promote brand unity through the circular shapes and colors. I used circles to highlight the four different levels and a sans-serif typeface so that clients could easily read the flyers at a glance.

Bevi flyer

At Quicken Loans, in order to promote drinking more water, the facilities team installed a few Bevi Water machines as a test. TI created this flyer that was placed on the machines so that we would hear how well the machines were doing. I used the brand colors that the facilities team used in order for brand unity.


When I became engaged, I knew that I wanted to do something special for my invitations. I've coined my wedding theme as "Storytime in the Garden" paired with subtle Harry Potter and Game of Thrones elements. I wanted to create invitations that used organic imagery and were created by using classic printing and sealing methods.

I learned how to use a letterpress printer at Signal Return specifically for this project and I hand printed my invitations and RSVP cards. I also learned how to create a wax seal, which I imprinted with the Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff house sigils. I was inspired by Baroque-era paintings, so I incorporated the warm lighting paired with nearly black backgrounds for the product photography.